Friday, October 2, 2009

Some Random Online Videos

The Blog in Plain English was a great way to show people how to blog and what kind of people Blog about different things. I think it was a wonderful idea to use paper and not people. Blog in Plain English was made form Lee and Sachi Lefer they also have made different kinds of videos. More of the videos they have came up with you can go see there web site at

The zombies in plain english Was good i think they did a great job on the voice and how they use there pictures and Lee and Sachi Lefer did this short film also they where the ones who did the Blog in Plain English

Back of The Mike (1938) was produces by Had Jam also the Sponsor where Chevrolet Division ,General Motors Corporation. The video Back of Mike was great i like how it show the background on make a radio TV show also how you dont need a TV you can use your imagination. The Back Of Mike (1938) was Brilliant in the way it show the radio. If to see more of the black and white radio show go to

Great Tasting Americano Was really good the way they use the paper was brilliant it had enjoyment also was funny . Great Tasting Americano was Amazing it had nice movement and everthing flow to gether also i love the musica how they played it in the film.If you want to see more go to

Food Fight was i funny film which had good movement in it also had some amazing food fight i like the sound it had in it .

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