Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Night Of The Living Dead

The Blake Snyder Beat Sheet
1. The Opening Scene of the movie is when Barbra(Judith O'Dea) and Johnny(Russell Streiner) ride up to the cemetery and Johnny is explaining how he doesn't go to church anymore.

2. The Theme was stated when Johnny started teasing Barbra saying "There coming to get you!"

3. The Set- Up is when what seemed to be an old man walked towards them slowly.

4. The Catalyst is when the old man, who was really a zombie, attacked Barbra. Johnny came over to help her but was knocked out by the old man. Barbra ran in fear and ended up running into a house in the middle of nowhere.

5. The Debate is when the zombies begin to come after and Barbra meets Ben(Duane Jones) when he runs into the house getting away from the zombies also. Ben lights a chair on fire outside because he has past experience with the zombies and knows that they are afraid of fire. Ben then boards up the house some.

6. The Break into Two is when Ben sits down and Barbra(who before hand had been freaking out about her brother still being out there) begin talking for the first time since she was attacked in the cemetery. Ben talks about how he saw the zombies chasing a car and Barbra talks about leaving her brother Johnny. Barbra then starts to freak out when Ben said that her brother is dead and slaps Ben, resulting in Ben knocking her out.

7. The B Story is when Tom(Keith Wayne) and Harry Cooper(Karl Hardman) come up stair and meet Ben and Barbra. They start watching the news and listening to the radio. The news reporters tell them that if anyone had been injured by the zombies, then they should be sent to a health facility to be examined. Ben asks Harry how bad his daughter Karen Cooper(Kyra Schon) was and he said that she was bit.

8. The Fun and Games is when Mr. Harry Cooper and Ben began to fight because Harry would not let Ben inside the house so Ben nock down the door and look at Harry with madness and began to fight each-other.

9. The Midpoint is when Harry Cooper and Tom comes upstairs and they argue about whether it was safer to go in the cellar or stay upstairs in the house.

10. Bad Guys Close In is when the zombies break the windows and began to come in the house and start attacking the people in the house.

11. All is Lost is when Ben, Tom and his wife get into the truck and try to get to the gasoline. Ben gets out and tries to get the gasoline and the car catches on fire with Tom and his wife still in it. The car eventually explodes and Tom and his wife dies. Ben tries to get back into the house but Harry doesn't open the door so he kicks it in and fights Harry.

12. Dark Night of the Soul is when everyone dies except for Ben and Ben is locked inside of the Cellar by himself. Harry and his wife's zombie attacks him so he kills them. He then sits on the ground scared until the next day.

13. Break Into Three is when Barbra gets taken outside with all of the zombies, Ben locks himself in the cellar, and Harry Cooper's wife dies by her daughter.

14. The Finale is when the zombies made it into the house taking Barbra and Ben is forced to lock himself into the cellar.

15. The Final Image is when Ben wakes up in the morning and checks to see if the zombies are gone. He gets shot by one of the policemen and is dragged away because they thought he was a zombie.

The sin is that people are forgetting abut old ways such as going to church and believing in religion as they should.

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  1. I agree with your beat i like the way you went into detial while describing each one. A next step would be to put in your own review