Thursday, September 17, 2009

Poofie- K: Sorority Row

If you like seeing horror with some comedy in it, Sorority Row is the movie to go see. Its about five girls who are sorority sisters that played a game on one of the sisters boyfriend that cheated on her. They take Audrina Patridge to a well and dump her in it. They try to figure out what to do with her body to make her boyfriend think she was dead. The boyfriend stabs her with a crowbar thinking that she was already dead. Everyone swore to keep her death a secret so that no one would get in trouble. After the graduation, a mystery killer comes back and starts killing the people involved in her death. I liked how Megan Wolfley gave the horror movie comedy and gave the movie a sense of excitement. The movie kept you on your "paws" with unexpected rush. I give this movie '4 paws up'

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