Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Poofie- K & Doggie- J: Dr. Horrible

Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog had comedy ,goofiness . The writer Joss Whedon add great musical moments. The story script was well written and understandable for being 42 minutes. a online TV show.

Neil Patrick Harris who played the role of Doctor Horrible and did role in Family Guy and Buffy The Vampire Slayer . He did a great job on playing Doctor Horrible on Dr. Horrible his comedy moments where magnificent . At the middle of the Sing-Along Blog was so funny but as the video progressed, it was more entertaining and interesting at the sometime. Felicia Day as Penny did a good job and gave the Sing-Along Blog a bite of a love story . She projected herself as a sweet actor on the film. Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer played the role of a hoer that everyone loved. Was really entertaining on the sing along and was humorous in the film and we think he was the perfect choice in the film . Overall, the actors did a wonderful job of telling a story and had great musicals, we give this film three and a half “paws up.”


  1. This blog was good, but didn't follow all the guide lines that the review instructions had been given. A bit more information could have been added, seeing that the paragraphs weren't that long. This review could've been more funny or more entertaining. -Momo

  2. Im confused a bit you said you didn't like it but yet you name a lot of good things in this blog but other than that it was good

  3. Del-
    I have to take offense when you start dissing musicals. You are reviewing the good and bad points of a MUSICAL, so the amount of singing is not a factor in how well the movie is made. Other than that, you do not have much to say that I can see. Your descriptions of the characters is inconsistent (you say they are boring without explaining then say they are a sweet character), and you have nothing on the background of the story. I could watch the trailer to the movie and learn more than this. Please make some adjustments so you don't fail.